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Unsuccessful Adoptions Lead to Child Abuse

Anya Jesson

Adams Block AM




Adoption is a big issue in this modern-day world, and past events show that some adopted children might not be getting the care they need in their new homes.  For example, in 2011, the case of Hana Williams created a scandal.  Hana, a teenage Ethiopian adopted by the Williams family three years earlier, was forced to remain outdoors in the rain as a punishment, and died of hypothermia and malnutrition.  Hana had also been beaten with a switch many times during her life with her adopted family.  The Williams’ trial is this October, where they will be charged with manslaughter.

Similar mistreatment, however, is not uncommon among other adopted children, but still nothing has been done to resolve this issue.  Many families, after adopting a child, become irritated with the child and do not want them anymore.  Becoming more and more popular are websites that arrange to pass the child on to another family through something called “re-homing”.  These websites are not controlled by the government and people adopting the children are not given the usual screening and background checks involved in adopting a child, which means that the new adoptive parents are sometimes abusive and cruel.  The government is in the process of creating a bill that can help prevent this kind of abuse among adopted children, but so far none has been passed.

I believe that this abuse of adopted children is wrong and kids should not be subjected to that sort of environment.  Screening for adoptive parents needs to improve and so-called “re-homing” needs to stop, since it is very destructive to these kids’ lives.  The adopted children have spent all their lives in orphanages and just when they find a loving home, they are given away to parents that are sometimes abusive.  An agreement needs to be reached and a bill needs to be passed to improve the adoption process and people need to be encouraged to adopt children.  Also, these websites should be taken off the internet because they are doing more harm than good in moving these children to new homes where they are free to be abused and mistreated.

Overall, I think awareness about adoption needs to improve and potential adoptive parents need to be well-informed.  They should be allowed a chance to get to know the child before they decide to adopt.  This will help decrease incidences of child abuse and increase the number of children living happily in their adoptive homes with loving families.